Monday, July 20, 2015

Sand Filter Update

Our Environmental Sampling class students setup the bucket sand filters to evaluate these simple low cost solutions for water filtration.  This is a model filter that can be completely built from items supplied from a big box hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe's. A previous blog details this.

  I've made some videos detailing the setup and construction process.
Video 1

Overall setup.  
  • Bottom has a perforated 1/2" pvc pipe with an elbow up to top
  • bottom 2 inces has 3/4" gravel
  • above that is 2 inches of 1/4" gravel
  • 10" above that is 0.3mm sand

Type of sand to use:  We sourced our sand and gravel from sepulveda building materials on Waterman street in San Bernardino.  The staff there are helpful in selecting the correct grain size of sand and gravel. .

Videos to detail the actual experiments will come in a later vlog / blog. 

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