Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Balloon Mapping workshop on Loma Linda Campus

We had  five people participate in the first balloon mapping workshop on Loma Linda Campus. Many people asked "what are you doing?". Nobody seemed to threatened by the process. One major strength that Balloon Mapping has over Aerial Mapping with a quadcopter/RC plane is that balloon mapping is participatory. Everyone has a role in these community mapping workshops. There is a line to hold, a route to scout, photos to take or the public relations required for the many questions.  Aerial mapping with an RC powered device is less participatory as much of the technology is considered to be "hands off".

The camera was set for shooting a photo every two seconds for a good 30 minutes.  We used a canon 260sx with the KAPUAV lua loaded in the CHDK software. I then used Microsoft ICE to throw a few pictures together.  Here is a stitched photo of the LLU Globe (click the photo to zoom in).  More will come later.  

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