Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My IRIS crash in Peru

So I had a crash on my 3dr IRIS in Peru and the details are here.
Here are some of the photos from the timelapse series.

Everything going normal and the IRIS is hovering

Uh oh..loiter doesn't work, I'll try altitude hold...
 Oh no, those don't work..I'll try to get it back in stabilize...
 Maybe RTL...nope...I'll try fly mission...maybe it will go back to California....Stabilize isn't working and it has now started on its fly away...
Still no response...

Click on the picture below you and you can see me starting to run in an attempt to grab the up-and-coming wreckage before someone else does. It is not easy to run/walk through a sewage wetland at 12,500 feet.

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LUCK #1 - Thankfully it crashed into a bush in a little lake side park. The Mobius camera was in good condition.
LUCK #2 - A nice man saw it and stood next to it for a while and then handed it to me when he saw me running over.

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