Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Floods happen first in the desert

If the sea level increased by 2 meters, there would be serious problems in Long Beach and other coastal communities. The desert would have a similar problem. ALL of the Eastern Coachella Valley would flood. This is according to a new web resource posted here: 
This is probably based on elevation modeling alone, but is still relevant. What happens in Bangladesh is troubling, but think of what happens at home.  The Laguna Salada would be filled by the Sea of Cortez. Everything south of Indio would be in serious trouble. All of the agricultural production in this zone and in Yuma would be in trouble. What are the implications for food supply?
I remember this shocking revelation during Katrina in New Orleans. The disadvantaged communities of New Orleans were inconveniently located in the flood zone. The disadvantaged communities of Eastern Coachella and Imperial would be impacted first.

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