Monday, September 17, 2012

Crowdsource your WASH SPOT

Help the Southern California homeless population: Identify and report free accessible washing locations!

The goal of this effort is to search out and find locations where homeless can wash their hands, face, feet and even a shower if possible. We have included a category for public drinking fountains as an indicator of a place where washing may be possibility. An international effort on this is

This is a tutorial on how to add the to your phone. This will allow you to submit crowdsourced reports using an app on your smart phone. The website is to help identify the places where urban survivors can take a bath or wash their hands.

You can also submit reports by:

  1. going online and clicking the "Submit Report" button
  2. Using a mobile phone to text a report in

If you want to use the app method, then follow the steps below.

Download the Ushahidi App to your smart phone from the iphone app store or the android store.  Its free.

Open the app and the Maps Screen will pop up. I have a few maps loaded in my Ushahidi map. Your new app will be blank and you have to add maps.

Click the "+" sign next to where it says "Maps".

Type in the following for URL and Map Name:
Wash Spot

You should see the Wash Spot map show up in your list of maps. 

Open the app and it should look like this: 

To add an entry, click the "write" symbol on the app (see the red arrow above).

Add your desired fields with categories, upload photos and select a location on the map. 

Here is a shot of the categories screen: You can check multiple categories. 
Look at the main website to see your entry. 
The entries have to be verified first and then they will show up on the main map.  Verifying is when the person in charge of the database verifies that the entry is an actual entry and not an error.  We use the term "Validated" is when someone actually checks the physical location for the reported occurence.  

This is what the main website looks like.  
Email me with any questions.  

Good luck and have fun!

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