Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Desert Sun Newspaper article quoted our workshop.

Last thursday there was a Public Meeting where the desert sun quoted our Environmental Justice workshop.  The article is entitled "Proposal for Whitewater River trail system draws mixed response".

Our workshop was summarized as: 

"On Dec. 29, a coalition of more than a dozen valley community groups held a
workshop in Coachella, where they prioritized environmental health issues
related to air quality in the valley. 

The groups ranked the cleaning of illegal dumps, such as the notorious Mount San
Diego sludge pile in Thermal and the Larson dump, once the state's largest
illegal dump site, as their top air quality-related problems.

The Thermal Chamber of Commerce, Torres-Martinez tribe, Building Health
Communities Eastern Coachella Valley and Planned Parenthood all attended the Dec. 
29 workshop.

A cross-valley parkway didn't even come up in that discussion, according to Ryan
Sinclair, a Loma Linda University environmental health assistant professor."

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