Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lunch: Solar Box Cooked Eggs

As a gift, Sophea built a solar box cooker for work. This is an ideal lunch cooker. Its small, cute, and can handle one pan of lunch. Instead of using a microwave for that pasta you bring for lunch, why not use a solar cooker? Put the pasta in the solar cooker when you get to work, and by lunch, your food will be sizzling and hot. 
The solar cooker can boil water and will keep things warm for a long time.  Also, you never have to worry about things burning in the solar cooker. 

I built this one from a styrofoam box, an old scanner's glass (from LLU SPH), aluminum foil, blue masking tape, and some Arizona license plates spray painted black.  

Two hour cooked eggs for Lunch on June 1st, 2010
I use it as an alternative to microwave ovens.  I use microwaves for lunch at work, but my soup usually spatters and I have to clean  up the microwave. With a personal solar box cooker you don't have to worry about that. You also never have to wait in line to microwave your food.  There are plenty of environmental/carbon footprint reasons to use a solar cooker, but I use it for the convenience aspect. 
There is plenty of sun in Loma Linda, so bon appetit!
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I prefer Sophea's design over many of the solar cookers you see in these websites. It is portable and cute. 

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