Friday, May 7, 2010

Are you flushing your drinking water?

Gayle Leonard on her blog Thirsty in Suburbia posted this link about upgrading your water wasting toilets.

This will work for many americans who waste thousands of gallons of water each year with inefficient water wasting toilets.
Keep in mind that if you make heavier deposits to your toilet bank, you may want to do some independent research on the subject!  Most Americans have bowel movements of less than 200grams and their 1980's toilets handle Gayle's modification without any problem.

If you want to save the water and worry about flushing efficiency, there are several other options:

The ideal toilet would be one where you could have a separate flush for urine and a flush for the big BM. Home Depot and others sell them.

An even more aggressive approach are the urine separation toilets using disinfected urine for fertilizer. 

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